ddWirePuller Pro


The WirePuller Pro is designed to reduce sharp bends and let wires or cables roll smoothly from spools into conduit.

CNC machined from quality aluminum with an anodized finish, the WirePuller Pro features heat-treated pins with oil holes, needle bearings, and a notch for easy removal from wire.

US Patent #6,672,567


A more economical, modified WirePuller Pro is now produced and sold through Bergstrom Manufacturing. To see this modified design and for more information, download their product brochure. Read about their FREE 60 day trial.

ddHow does it mount?

The WirePuller Pro mounts to some boxes with its self-storing thumb screws and other boxes with your own screws.
See the diagram below for a color-coded view of the possibilities you will have with the WirePuller Pro.


WirePuller Pro uses include, but are not limited to:dd

  • Pulling wires and cables into conduits through boxes
  • Pulling low voltage cables through bar joists by clamping or screwing at points of turns or stress
  • Pulling wires through LB’s, wire troughs, light poles, panel boxes, the possibilities are endless.

Can be used BEFORE OR AFTER sheetrock.

Labor Savings
No more need for 3 people to pull wire (1 pulling, 1 feeding, and 1 keeping wire from tangling). Using the WirePuller Pro, one person can be assigned to another task. The labor savings can pay for the WirePuller Pro in no time!

About the Inventor
Guy Chembars started in the electrical field in 1979. Since that time he has worked in Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Georgia with commercial, industrial and residential wiring. Since 1988 Guy has owned his own business, SilverMoon Electric. Through his many years of running conduit and pulling wire, Guy saw the need for the WirePuller Pro.

If you are interested in the Original WirePuller Pro, as seen in the photographs on this page, they can still be manufactured upon request. info [at] silvermoonelectric [dot] com (contact us) for more information.





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